NPAHN will contribute to the development and maintenance of a viable and diverse livestock industry in northern Ontario through the provision of veterinary services to large animal owners and support activities including veterinary recruitment and retention, producer education, and communication.

What is NPAHN? Find a vet

What is NPAHN?

NPAHN is an elected executive committee of large animal owners at their Annual General Meeting – it is one of the stakeholders in the tripartite group of Large Animal Owners (NPAHN), the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) and the Designated Area Contract Veterinarians (DAVA) that set-up and operate the Veterinary Assistance Program (VAP).

NPAHN covers all areas of the Province of Ontario north of and including the County of Renfrew, the County of Haliburton, the Township of Addington Highlands, the Township of Carlow/Mayo, the Township of Limerick, the Township of Wollaston, the Georgian Bluffs Township, the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, and the District Municipality of Muskoka.

NPAHN has created 20 local committees in their designated communities that represent the large animal owners – the users of the Veterinary Assistance Program. These committees are called Veterinary Service Committees (VSC’s) - they represent all large animal owners in their designated areas, advise NPAHN of local large animal health care issues, make suggestions for program improvements, name the contract vet(s) yearly that they want to provide health care services under the Veterinary Assistance Program and seek replacement veterinarians as the need arises.

Veterinary Assitance Program (VAP)
Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM)
Northern Producer Animal Health Network (NPAHN)
Designated Area Veterinary Association (DAVA)
Veterinary Services Committee (VSC)

Algoma, Bruce Peninusula, Cochrane South, Cochrane/Glackmeyer, Dryden, East Parry Sound, Haliburton, Hearst, Kapuskasing, Manitoulin, Muskoka, North Hasting, North Parry Sound/East Nipissing, Rainy River,Renfrew, Temiskiming, Timmins, Thunder Bay, West Nipissing/East Sudbury, West Sudbury, West Parry Sound

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Algoma Veterinary Service Committee
Chris G. Gordon, secretary.
215 Echo Lake Rd Echo Bay ON P0S1C0
(705) 248-2373
Bruce Peninsula Veterinary Services Committee
Kelly Thompson, 884 The Bury Road, RR # 1, Lions Head, Ontario, N0H 1W0
Phone: 519 793 3627
Cochrane South Veterinary Services Committee
Jason Desrochers, Chair.
2063 Country Lane, Val Gagne, Ontario, P0K 1W0.
Phone:705 232 4434
Cell: 705 221-5520
Cochrane / Glackmeyer and Area Veterinary Services Committee
Francis & Wendy Dodds - RR #3, Box 3211, Cochrane, Ontario, P0L 1C0
Telephone: 705 272 6374
Dryden Veterinary Services Committee
Marjorie Larson, P.O. Box 64 Oxdrift, Ontario, P0V 2J0
East Parry Sound Veterinary Service Committees
Wayne Fetterley, RR # 1, Kearney, Ontario, P0A 1K0
705 636 5316

North Muskoka Lake Veterinary Services Professional Corporation
Dr. Kelli Drost
193 Jackson’s Rd
Magnetawan, ON
P0A 1P0
Haliburton Veterinary Services Committee
Jean Neville, Chair of VSC
705 286 2345
Hearst Veterinary Service Committee
Angèle Lacroix, 2010, 99 Maheux Rd. PO Box 2956
Hearst, Ontario P0L 1N0
Phone: 705 362 8388
Cell: 705 372 8388
Kapuskasing Veterinary Service Committee
Jo-Anne Chevalier
68 Conc. 1
Val Rita ON
P0L 2G0
Cell: 705 335 2441
Manitoulin Veterinary Service Committee
Steve Orford, Chair, 284 Beaver Rd. Providence Bay On. P0P 1T0.
Muskoka Large Animal Health Network
Secretary: Delena Jennings
675 Raymond Rd.,Utterson, On. P0B 1M0
705 646 3821

North Muskoka Lake Veterinary Services Professional Corporation
Dr. Kelli Drost
193 Jackson’s Rd
Magnetawan, ON
P0A 1P0
Rainy River District Veterinary Services Committee
Kim Jo Bliss, Correspondence & Treasurer
home: 807 482 2863
Cell: 807 275 9706
R.R. # 2, Emo, ON. P0W 1E0.
North Hastings Veterinary Service Committee
Hald Robinson
613 332 1273
North Parry Sound/East Nipissing Veterinary Services Committee
Michel Champagne, President
705 492 2601

Pauline Carmichael
470 Galston Rd. RR#2 Mattawa Ontario P0H 1V0.
Phone: 705 776 2580
Fax: 705 776 7318,
Renfrew Veterinary Services Committee
President: Llody Robinson
1305 Hawthorne Rd. RR # 1 Beachburg Ontario K0J 1C0
West Sudbury Veterinary Committee
Alex Yaw, Chair
Phone:705 865 2254
Temiskaming Veterinary Services Committee
Charles Regele, Chairman
Box 287 Earlton Ontario, P0J 1E0
Phone: 705 563 8208
Thunder Bay Veterinary Service Committee
Peter Aalbers, Chairman
171 Blind Line Rd., Rosslyn, Ontario, P7C 0R4
Phone: 807 939 1644
Fax: 807 939 4139
Timmins Veterinary Services Committee
Lisa Boivin, President
4610 Frederick House Lake Rd., Connaught On. P0N 1A0
Phone:705 363 2079
West Nipissing/East Sudbury Veterinary Service Committee
Darryl Kuepfer
423 Millrand Road, Verner, Ontario P0H 2M0
Phone: 705 594 9179
West Parry Sound Veterinary Service Committee
Ingrid Thompson
22 Thompson Road, RR # 1, Nobel, Ontario, P0E 1G0
(H): 705 641 8476. (C) 705 774 4509
Email: Ingrid

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Let's Get In Touch!

To get in touch or receive information on the activities of either NPAHN or your local VSC, please contact the Secretary/Treasurer of NPAHN. Mr. Mitchell will be happy to find the right person(s) to assist you.

G. Mitchell, Secretary & Treasurer
NPAHN, 42 Lake Drive
Huntsville, Ontario, P1H 1E7